Ye’elim Association

Targets of the association

* Promote personal empowerment and give a challenging horizon to youth of the Ethiopian community.

* Assist youth of the Ethiopian community develop motivation to serve in the IDF.

* Nurture young leadership with proven abilities, which will serve as a role model.

* Enhance the love of the country among the participants of the projects.

* Help students who are Graduates of combat units study in academic institutes.

Latest events and updates

On December 21 2014, sixth candle of Hanukah, 40 education scholarships were handed out to discharged soldiers – boys and girls – who completed their service in IDF combat units. The ceremony took place in the Sarah and Hillel Namvar House in Rishon-Le-Zion in which the discharged soldiers reside. Among the distinguished guests who attended the ceremony were members of the Shirazi family, who were among the founders and donators of the Sarah and Hillel Namvar House; Shlomo Segev,a member of the Rishon-Le-Zion Foundation board, who represented the mayor of Rishon-Le-Zion; members of the Ye'elim Association Board; all of the Sarah and Hillel Namvar House residents and many other guests. The ceremony included Hanukah candles lighting, artistic program and greetings. One of the students, Lior Toil, thanked the donors on behalf of his fellow students. Lior praised the significant contribution of the project to the advancement of his adult life.

April 2014 - A private pilot's license was given to graduates of the association Meharat Balay and Meital Mangisto. Head of the Civil Aviation Authority, General (Rtd.) Giora Rom handed private pilot licenses to two graduates of the course: Meharat Balay and Meital Mangisto. The graduates received the much longed for license after meeting all the legal requirements for receiving one and having successfully passed all the tests. During the event the new pilot Meital Mangisto performed a solo flight in front of an excited audience. Meital and Meharat are the first two graduates of Ye'elim Association to receive a pilot’s license. We hope that they will be the first of many more new pilots to receive a license with the help of the Ye'elim Association. Please click the pictures on the left to learn more about Meital and Meharat.

Six boys and girls, members of the Ethiopian community in Israel, all students in boarding schools in central Israel, have started the course. All of them are graduates of the 9th Ground Course for Aviation and the pilot course which was conducted by Ye'elim last year. Candidates for the course have to meet medical requirements that are obligatory in order to obtain a license. Expected duration of the course: 3.5 years. Good Luck!

Fourty scholarships handed out
Lior Toil, thanked the donors

The Pilot – Mahrat

Mahrat Blaei

The Pilot – Meytal

Meytal Mangisto

Our activities
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